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Rocket Cat’s new video is a spy thriller set at the Five O’Clock Steakhouse

By Evan Rytlewski, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee

Milwaukee alt-rockers Rocket Cat have shared a new video for “Between Silence,” a single from their 2019 album “Little Lights,” and it’s their most ambitious yet. Directed by Edward Curran of Enterprise Film and shot in an aspect ratio that makes Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight” look letter-boxed, the video is a speakeasy-themed spy thriller set in Milwaukee’s iconic Five O’Clock Steakhouse. It packs a lot of twists into a tight four minutes.

‘Paper Dreams’ from Little Lights

By Mackane Vogel, MKE Premiere, 88.9 Radio Milwaukee

If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like if bands like Heart, The Cure and Alanis Morissette ever collaborated, maybe you should listen to Rocket Cat‘s new song, “Paper Dreams.” The powerful vocals and lyrics carry the song over top of a catchy guitar riff. The unique chord progression makes me feel like I’m playing an old ’80s joystick video game and I’m on the final level, about to set the high score. It has an uplifting melody and feel to it. I like the direction Rocket Cat is going in and I’m also 100 percent here for the band’s name. It’s memorable and unique, just like this song.

— Rocket Cat - Paper Dreams

“A Thousand Echoes” from Little Lights

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